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Created in 2010, The Journey of Jordan blog is our way of sharing life in Sonoma County wine country–not just as winemakers, but as experts in culinary hospitality, farming, and the local food and drink scene. Here, you’ll find John Jordan, as well as our chef, winemaker, ranch manager and other Jordan Winery staff members, offering useful tips, travel advice and behind-the-scenes stories through vivid videos and photos. (We were the first mid-sized family winery in California to dedicate time and resources to producing high-quality videography and photography in-house.) Since then, The Journey of Jordan blog has been recognized as one of the industry’s best winery blogs, receiving ongoing recognition from the annual Wine Blog Awards, including2014 Best Photo/Video on a Blog,2013最佳葡萄酒博客,2013最佳照片/视频的博客2012 Best Winery Blog,以及最佳葡萄酒视频在2015年出生的数字葡萄酒奖和finalist inWine Spectator‘s 2013 and 2011 Lights! Camera! Pour! Video Contest。我们拍摄使用两个佳能5D数码单反相机,很多不同的镜头,仓库设备推车和副臂,无人机,斯坦尼康,以及独立制片人和专业摄影师常用的其他工具,所有的视频博客素材。传讯总监丽莎马特森选择拍摄地点,发展问题,进行所有的采访和操作摄像机,而数字媒体专家肯德尔巴斯比生产和处理视频编辑助攻


Inspired by the masterful wine, food and hospitality of France, Tom and Sally Jordan followed their hearts from Colorado to California’s bourgeoning wine country in 1972. That spring, they signed the deed on their first piece of land in Alexander Valley on the very same day their son, John, was born. They quickly planted their first vineyard with a vision for creating a singular Cabernet Sauvignon that could rival the finest wines of Bordeaux. When the first vintage of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon debuted, it was an immediate success due to its elegance and early approachability, as well as its affinity for food. The Jordan family has spent the last four decades quietly building a reputation for relentless quality, graceful ageability and remarkable consistency vintage after vintage.


  • John Jordan, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sally Jordan, Co-Founder
  • 罗布·戴维斯,酿酒师
  • 布伦特年轻,牧场管理
  • 托德·诺尔,行政总厨
  • Maggie Kruse, Assistant Winemaker
  • Nitsa Knoll, Director of Hospitality & Special Events
  • Tim Spence, Director of Operations


Since the inaugural 1976 vintage,188金宝傅官网乔丹葡萄酒have been renowned for their consistency. We believe strongly in the timeless qualities of balance, elegance and food affinity–hallmarks which are found in our Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Russian River Valley Chardonnay. Visit our网上商店了解更多。


Jordan Estate包括近1200亩起伏的山丘,葡萄园,栎树,湖泊,溪流,橄榄树和花园,以及酒庄,招待和运营设施。还有的葡萄110英亩的波尔多品种(赤霞珠,美乐,小维铎和几亩马尔贝克)。从1995年开始,我们周围的两个湖泊的山坡上种植了四种不同品种的生产工匠橄榄油众所周知的橄榄树。188金宝傅官网乔丹特级初榨橄榄油是过时的年份,房地产增长,手标和可购买专门在酒厂和线上


正如致力于自然栖息地面积的四分之三遗产的一员,我们考虑到我们的照顾下,土地的影响每一个葡萄种植的决定了。从播种地面覆盖,堆肥和引进有益天敌,以减少能源消耗,再利用氮气和循环水,我们的团队致力于常年保持可持续性我们的环境,无论是室内还是室外。188金宝傅官网乔丹是在认证的第一酒厂之间索诺玛绿色商业计划和in theBay Area Green Business Program


188金宝傅官网乔丹酒厂预约的客人表示欢迎three distinctive tours and tastings。From a tasting in our private library to a tour through our iconic chateau or an epicurean excursion across the breathtaking estate, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Advance reservations are required due to the intimacy of the experiences.Request a reservationor call us at (800) 654-1213. Wine may be purchased at the winery Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and also Sunday (April through November) from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.




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